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Dahle Enterprises' Dump Trucks lined in a row and a rows of various sized aggregate materials

Trucking and Aggregate: Hauling When, What, and Where You Need Us To
Equipment Transport. Aggregate Delivery. Soil Conservation.

Excavating and trucking go hand-in-hand, so it is no question that we provide both in an exceptional fashion. From hauling equipment to jobsites to timely delivery of fill and gravel, Dahle Enterprises can meet the trucking demands of your project.

All of our heavy truck operators are MNDOT licensed, insured, and keep safety at the forefront. Operating with years of hauling experience, we can easily transport our own equipment and promptly deliver aggregate material year-round. Contact us for accurate, safety-minded trucking and aggregate hauling services.

Aggregate Services

With numerous aggregate pits within a 40-mile radius of Morristown, Dahle Enterprises is sufficiently prepared to handle a number of projects at anytime. The aggregate suppliers that we partner with maintain a diverse range of materials and services — one of them being aggregate recycling. When a project calls for the removal of excess aggregate we can safely load it, haul it away, and have it properly recycled for re-use in another project.

As a professional excavating contractor we feel that we play a vital role in conserving and protecting the Earth's natural resources. Aside from aggregate recycling, we also employ various soil conservation practices to assist farmers, lakeshore owners, and all clients in retaining the soil naturally located on their own property. Dahle Enterprises currently performs the following soil conservation practices:

  • Water Drainage Development — construction agricultural-related waterways, terraces, and farm ponds
  • Lakeshore / Shoreline Work — erosion control, silt fencing, and more
  • Salvaging Topsoil for Final Grade — this task is performed in conjunction with digging footings, building roads / driveways, and sitework
Dahle Enterprises' Dump Trucks lined in a row and a rows of various sized aggregate materials

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