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Tiling and Field Drainage: Providing a Vital Component in Agricultural Success

At Dahle Enterprises we’ve seen firsthand the devastating results that accompany excess water on area fields — flooding, crop die-off, and soil erosion. Heavy snow packs followed by quick-melts lead to field flooding, severely delaying farmers’ abilities to get into their fields. Minnesota’s driving rains and unpredictable storms can drop multiple inches within hours, up-rooting stalks and drowning crop. Fortunately, we provide drainage solutions for local Minnesota farmers and area crop growers.

Our Field Tiling or Drainage Tiling services assist in bringing high soil-moisture levels down — increasing optimal crop growth and decreasing soil erosion. Utilizing GPS controlled applications and topography mapping we can precisely install a pre-designed sub-surface tiling system to solve your farm drainage issues. Our Inter-Drain Tile Plow is equipped with on board computers, ensuring proper depth of the tile installed while also generating a comprehensive map of the field. When all is said and done, you will not only have a tiled field, but will also have a complete record of where the tile was installed for future reference.

We can work in any soil type and have the capability to install a wide range of tile sizes. Beyond initial installation, Dahle Enterprises can also provide tile repairs and maintenance when the need arises.

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