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Dahle Enterprises maintains all current septic tank licenses, proper insurance and bonding, including:
- Contractor's Licnese
- Licensed & Certified SSTS Installer by MPCA
- MPCA Certified Pumper/Maintainer
- MPCA Certified Designer
- MPCA Certified Inspector
- Certified Pipelayer
- MNDOT LIcensed

Septic & Drainage Services

At Dahle Enterprises, based in Morristown, Minnesota, we are trained, experienced and prepared to handle all types of septic system related needs. From in-depth code-compliant design to timely tank pumping and septic system repairs, we are licensed and certified to provide start-to-finish septic system services.


Whether you’re in need of a septic system inspection for the purchase of a new home, are looking to upgrade the system in your current home or need septic repairs, you should always turn to a professional within the industry. At Dahle Enterprises our septic services include:

Field Drainage Tiling (Click to reveal information)


Field Drainage Tiling
Field Drainage Tiling
Field Drainage Tiling

At Dahle Enterprises we’ve seen first hand the devastating results that accompany excess water on area fields – flooding, crop die-off, and soil erosion. Heavy snow packs followed by quick-melts lead to field flooding, severely delaying farmers’ abilities to get into their fields. Minnesota’s driving rains and unpredictable storms can drop multiple inches within hours, up-rooting stalks and drowning crop. Fortunately there are options available for local farmers and area crop growers.


Our Field Tiling or Drainage Tiling services assist in brining high soil-moisture levels down, increasing optimal crop growth and decreasing soil erosion. Contact us for more information or to schedule an on-site consultation of your fields.

Field Drainage Tiling

Septic System Design (Click to reveal information)

In the process of building a new home? Does your current septic system need replacing? Whether it’s for new construction or an upgrade, Dahle Enterprises is your solution for professional code-compliant septic system design. As an MPCA Certified Designer we maintain a thorough understanding of the ever-changing septic system specifications and regulations put-forth by city and county departments. We are equipped with the necessary equipment, familiar with regulations and are able to present you with the best options available for your specific situation.


As a septic system designer, inspector, installer and tank pumper we are able to bring all these faucets to the table and design a system that will benefit you and other professionals throughout the life of your septic system. Our septic system design services include:

  • A site evaluation – determining the optimal location for a septic system
  • Size of tank and location
  • Type of drain field
  • Design flow – work the natural lay of your property if possible
  • Etc.
Septic System Inspections (Click to reveal information)

Like everything else that makes up a home, a septic system also has a limited lifespan and will eventually need replacing/upgrading. For this reason, it is vital that you have a septic system inspection before purchasing new property. While the system may appear to be functioning properly, the trained-eye of an expert can confirm or deny these appearances. At Dahle Enterprises we are able to provide in-depth inspections of the tank, internal system components and drain field. Failure can occur throughout any of these phases, leaving you, the new homeowner, with a huge out-of-pocket expense that you weren’t prepared for. With our septic system inspections we can provide you with the following information:

  • The type of septic system that you have
  • The location of your septic system within your property
  • The usage abilities of the system (the number of people who can use the system)
  • Previous maintenance issues or overuse
  • Code-compliance issues
Septic System Installation (Click to reveal information)

Dahle Enterprises is a licensed and certified septic system installer with years of experience. From new construction installs to removing old systems and replacing them with upgraded ones, we are familiar with all aspects of septic system installation. From start-to-finish, your septic system installation will be performed safely, accurately and to code. Not only can we provide professional septic installation services that meet all state, city and county requirements, we can also assist you with obtaining proper permits. We can work directly with homeowners as well as general contractors; contact us to learn more about our installation services.

Field Drainage Tiling

Field Drainage Tiling

Septic Tank Pumping & Maintenance (Click to reveal information)

Your septic system is a vital organ within your home and as such deserves appropriate maintenance for optimal performance. At Dahle Enterprises our septic system maintenance services include:

  • Residential & Commercial Pumping
  • Year-Round Pumping & Maintenance Services Available
  • Emergency Pumping
  • Septic Tank Pumping
  • Adjustments to the alarm or pump float switch (if necessary)
  • Removal of tree roots and other obstructions (if possible)
  • Visual inspection of the tank baffles, mound and drain field for current or potential problems


Proudly Serving:
Dahle Enterprises of Morristown, Minnesota provides septic and excavating services throughout the counties of Rice, Steele, Le Sueur and Waseca, including the communities of: Dundas MN, Elysian MN, Faribault MN, Janesville MN, Kilkenny MN, Le Center MN, Le Sueur MN, Lonsdale MN, Medford MN, Montgomery MN, Morristown MN, New Richland MN, Northfield MN, Owatonna MN, Waseca MN, Waterville MN, etc.