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Excavating & Demolition Services

As a full-service excavating contractor, Dahle Enterprises is able to provide a variety of services ranging from small residential projects to large upscale commercial developments. Our experience, equipment and training enables us to handle any sized excavating job - residential, commercial and agricultural.


Whether you’re a homeowner in need of foundation digging for new construction, a farmer in need of safety-minded demolition work or a general contractor in need of an accurate site preparation, you can rely on Dahle Enterprises.


Excavating Services

Basement Digging (Click to reveal information)

Looking to build new? Adding extra space to gain a bedroom and home theater? You can dream of the most turnkey home or the most decked-out home theater room, but without a properly dug basement allowing for a level foundation you won’t have much. Dahle Enterprises has the experience and owns the necessary equipment to excavate for your home’s basement or your commercial building’s foundation. Our basement digging services include:

  • Tree and stump removal
  • Topsoil removal and salvage for backfilling
  • Basement and foundation excavation
  • Backfilling after the foundation has been constructed
  • Free estimates

Demolition Work (Click to reveal information)

When you have a demolition project that needs effective, fast and safety-minded completion, contact Dahle Enterprises. As a full-service excavation company we provide full-scale demolition services throughout the Southeastern Minnesota counties of Rice, Steele, Le Sueur and Waseca.

  • Residential, Commercial and Agricultural
  • Foundation & Debris Removal
  • Material Salvage
  • Tree, Stump & Brush Removal
  • Permit Obtaining & Environmental Services Precautions
  • Ground Leveling & Site Preparation for Future Use

Our equipment operators are all experienced, trained and certified; and adhere to the highest state and federal safety and environmental standards.

General Excavating Services (Click to reveal information)
Field Drainage Tiling

Whether you need us to excavate for a septic system or to backfill a basement, we not only maintain the modern equipment required, but also have the solution-oriented skills to ultimately complete the job in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Land & Site Preparation (Click to reveal information)
One of the most sough-after excavation services within the construction industry is accurate and effective site preparation. At Dahle Enterprises we are well versed in this sector of the excavating industry, it is a major component in everything we do – septic system installation, demolition work, basement digging, etc. Whether you refer to it as land clearing, site development, home building excavation or sitework, our excavation company excels at the task. Contact us for a free estimate and to learn about our competitive pricing.

Soil Conservation Practices (Click to reveal information)

As a professional excavating contractor we feel that we play a vital roll in conserving and protecting the Earth’s natural resources. As such, we employ various soil conservation practices to assist farmers, lakeshore owners and all clients in maintaining the soil naturally located on their own property. The soil conservation practices currently utilized by Dahle Enterprises include:

  • Building agricultural related waterways, terraces and farm ponds
  • Lakeshore / Shoreline Work (erosion control, silt fencing, etc.)
  • Salvaging topsoil for final grade (in conjunction with digging footings, building roads/driveways, sitework, etc.)

Trucking (Click to reveal information)
Excavating and trucking go hand-in-hand, which is why it only makes sense that we provide both in an exceptional fashion. From hauling equipment to job sites to timely delivery of fill and gravel, at Dahle Enterprises we can meet all the trucking needs that your project demands. All of our dump truck and heavy truck operators are fully MNDOT licensed, insured and strive to keep safety at the forefront. Operating with years of trucking experience, we can promptly deliver aggregate material throughout Minnesota’s varying seasons. Contact us for accurate and safety-minded trucking and aggregate hauling services.